British Pounds

Croft Computer Systems has successfully secured over £850,000 from HMRC for our customers. During the Coronavirus pandemic, golf clubs lost a lot of taxable income due to the forced closure of the bar and kitchen area. This affected the claimable percentage of many clubs, reducing the amount of VAT they could recover on expenses affected by partial exemption e.g. the course and clubhouse. HMRC have accepted that this was an unreasonable situation. Thanks to the clear, simple reporting on Croft Accounting and the ability to process partial exemption VAT, we have been able to quickly and easily secure large VAT rebates for our customers.


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New and enhanced integration with Intelligent Golf is now available for all Croft customers. Save time on data entry by downloading all transactions straight into your Croft accounts, with income split between revenue streams and payment method and the VAT dealt with instantly. Sales from any date range can be displayed for manual checking and adjustment or set a timer to post the data automatically into the accounts at specified intervals.



Croft 2.0 is now live. The latest update to the Croft Accounting software contains a host of additional and upgraded features developed in response to customer wishes. Clubs now have access to cloud data storage and backup, an enhanced sales ledger, revamped email invoicing, new filters on all reports, a full purchase order facility, auto bank reconciliation, greater flexibility on data import and much more.


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Croft has launched a new import facility, enabling membership ands till data to be imported directly from ClubV1 in to your Croft accounts. Link income streams and payment methods with any number of nominal codes to instantly create journals, saving time on data entry, improve the accuracy of postings, ensursing that data in your accounts and till/membership systems always stay aligned.