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Spend more time on the course and less in the office. Your one stop shop for golf club accounting.

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Croft Computer Systems specialise in golf club accounting, providing a comprehensive, personal service. Our software, Croft Accounting, is tailor made for golf clubs, dealing with all forms of VAT, including every aspect of partial exemption VAT. The system provides cloud data storage as standard and integration with leading suppliers of till and membership systems. Users have access to unlimited telephone and online support from a team with experience and knowledge of golf club offices and procedures. 

Our passion is golf club accounting so we understand the pressures in a club office. We ensure that your accounts are accurate and reliable, providing invaluable ongoing support, whenever you need it, helping save you time and money.



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An accounting system designed specifically to meet the needs of golf clubs. Quick and easy to use with clear and no nonsense reporting. The system contains everything you will need (e.g. cloud data storage, budgetary modelling, asset register, purchase orders, sales ledger and much more) without being burdened by facilities a club doesn’t require. Croft Accounting will process all forms of VAT (standard, partial exemption and special VAT systems) and link directly with leading suppliers of software to golf clubs.

A simple and effective membership package, that links directly with Croft Accounting, handicapping, bookings and websites. Print/email subscription notices and process all forms of payment, automatically analysed by the various charges. Store and analyse all member records, with detailed financial analysis.

Comprehensive and affordable, our accounting support services provide a thorough, ongoing review of your accounts throughout the year, ensuring that everything is accurate and issues are addressed early. We work closely with the club office to support and train staff, where needed, reviewing every aspect of the accounts, from the VAT, opening balances, assets and all control accounts. We partner with the leading accountants in the golf club industry to offer a full, broad range of services from quarterly checks to calculating the corporation tax liability, completing and filing your accounts.

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Save on expensive accountancy fees

Croft Accounting automatically deals with every aspect and all variations of partial exemption VAT (including the claimable percentage, annual adjustment and de-minimis calculations), as well as standard VAT and special VAT systems. This removes the need to involve the accountants for every VAT return, saving money and time. Precise, accurate and real-time VAT means you can always see the true cost of items, be confident that you are maximising your recovery of VAT, quickly and easily create budgets and forecasts and avoid any surprises.


Croft House, 124 Heath Lane, Croft, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 7DS

0161 703 3616

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