Croft Accounting is a simple yet comprehensive accounting package uniquely designed to deal with golf clubs and partial exemption VAT. It provides a full range of accounting tools, plus much more.

Partial Exemption VAT
The complexities of partial exemption are a major headache for many club treasurers and getting it wrong can be very costly. Croft Accounting automatically deals with all partial exemption calculations, the claimable percentage analyis, annual adjustment and de-minimis calculations all at the click of a button. The annual adjustment is automatically included in the first quarterly VAT return of the new vat year. The system works by coding nominal accounts in relation to their type of VAT e.g. taxable inputs, exempt output, non-attributable input etc so that the posting procedure is simple and far less prone to error.

Key Features:

Croft Accounting is one module of a complete management system that includes Croft Membership and Croft Bookings, all systems fully integrate. Croft Accounting will also integrate with leading third party suppliers of tills and EPoS systems, such as Open Solutions and ClubMinder, removing the need to update the accounts with manual journals to take account of subscriptions received, bar and catering income, bar card adjustments etc.

Installation and Training
Support is ongoing and lasts the lifetime of the product. From the moment you purchase Croft Accounting we work with yourselves to design your management reports and your account coding, whether you use standard Croft codes, your old account codes or you design your own coding from scratch. We take the hassle out of transferring to Croft by taking on vital information for you, such as your aged debtors, aged creditors and opening balances as well as any Sage postings in your current accounting year.

Training is of no fixed timescale. It always includes a first day to cover day-to-day postings and a second day to cover month-end procedures, such as bank reconciliation and report production. Further training can be arranged as necessary until you are comfortable with the system operation.

Help Line and Online Support
The Croft licence includes unlimited access to online support and our help line, with experts ready to take your call. All staff are fully trained in golf club accounting. Customers are also provided with manuals and the latest upgrades, free of charge.

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