"Croft Accounting is a simple accounting package designed to deal with partial exemption VAT. They offer an exceptional support service". Muswell Hill Golf Club

"There's simply no comparison between Croft and Sage. We tried to use Sage, and it caused all sorts of difficulties for us, besides the partially exempt VAT issues. It just didn't do what the golf club needed. Croft is much more golf club, and golf club manager, friendly. Bangor Golf Club, NI

"A first class service. All queries are answered promptly and efficiently." Newmachar Golf Club

"Croft Accounting software is very easy to use, and on the odd occassions we need your help your support has been awesome. We have now completed our first year as Croft users. We are happy using it, our Board are happy with the reports we produce. All round it has been a huge success. Thank you very much." Kenwick Park Golf Club

"Croft is a very good tool, especially for someone like me. A lot of clubs rely on their Assistant Secretary in more ways than they appreciate, and I thoroughly recommend Croft to them." Worlebury Golf Club

"We're delighted to be back with Croft, as is our Treasurer. The Sage software had many things we liked, but Croft provides us with that something extra, and of course, peace of mind with their in-built partial exemption provision. All in all, we're glad to be back. We think we've got the best tool for the job - again!" Blackpool North Shore Golf Club

"Croft is fantastic for support, especially their online support. They always nail whatever the issues are that I bring up from time to time, whether it's over the 'phone or online." Chalgrave Manor Golf Club

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