Help line and online support
At Croft we provide comprehensive customer support. Access to the help line and online support is included as part of the annual licence, so is accessible to all our customers, whenever needed. There are no limits on using the service, staff are happy to help, whenever required.

Training is available on each Croft module, is carried out on site and has no fixed timescale - we consider training to be complete when you are operating the system successfully. Training is personalised and tailored to the clubs individual needs and capabilities. We know certain times of year can be particularly stressful, such as when you produce your subscription notices, so we also offer to be onsite the first time you use Croft for your subs run, to answer any queries and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Refresher Training
Staff change - sometimes at short notice - or you may feel that a refresher course will be to your advantage to get to grips with the more advanced features. We offer a 'refresher' training course for every module, again on site and over whatever period of time you consider (or turns out to be) necessary. The price for such training is per day.

Vat Health Check
Croft offers a comprehensive VAT checking service, undertaken quarterly or at year-end to give you VAT piece of mind. We check all your account settings and every posting to ensure that they are coded correctly and that the VAT has been accounted for where necessary. We check your VAT payments, balance the VAT Account and provide a detailed report of changes and recommendations for improving your procedures to ensure you get your VAT spot-on every time.

Croft Accountancy Services
For clubs requiring additional accounting support, we offer the following services:

Accounting Controls Verification Service:

Full Accountancy Service:

The Full Accountancy Service includes everything within the Accounting Controls Verification service. The accounts are then sent to our associate chartered accountant for final checks and will:

Equipment Failure and Database Repairs
Occasionally things happen with computer systems, such as hard drive failure, power surge, virus or back-up error, which may affect your data. If Croft is affected then we will provide free online assistance to fix the problem. If a site visit is required then we will provide a fixed price in advance.

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