Croft Computer Systems have been a supplier of specialist software to golf clubs for three decades, operating across the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are the only specialists in partial exemption VAT. Our accounting system is the most comprehensive in the golf club market and the easiest to use.

Our key systems are:

Our three systems have been designed specifically to meet the needs of golf clubs. Each system can be bought individually or as a package, operated as a standalone module or a fully integrated system.

Ask for a quote for a fully integrated golf club management system

Croft systems also integrate with leading third party suppliers of handicapping and bookings software, tills, swipe cards, websites and door entry systems. Working with partners we can provide a fully integrated office system, minimising the need for cross posting, eliminating spreadsheets and reducing paperwork, saving the club time, money and effort and reducing posting error.

Croft modules work on all Windows operating systems. They can operate on a standalone PC or on a network linking all work stations in the club.

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